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Overview of Application

The announcements created in USA Staffing will be posted to USAJOBS. To apply to these jobs applicants must have a USAJOBS account. In order to log into their USAJOBS account, applicants will be required to create a Login.gov account and associate that account with their USAJOBS account. Once logged in to their USAJOBS account, applicants can search for and click the Apply Online button within the job announcement. They will select documents from their account and proceed to the online questionnaire. Once the online questionnaire is submitted, the responses and any supporting documents provided will be used to create an applicant record for the vacancy in USA Staffing. This record will be used in the review of that application, allow for applicant notifications, and ultimately rate and/or order the applicants for certification.

In the next part of this training we will walk you through the steps applicants take to create a Login.gov and USAJOBS account. This will allow you to understand the process from an applicant perspective.

The Sign In button is located at the top of most pages in USAJOBS. To begin, click Sign In.

Note: This lesson will focus on how the typical application process works in USA Staffing. When applying, the applicant's experience will vary depending on the number and types of questions and/or the system options selected for that vacancy announcement. If your agency does not use some system features, your applicant's experience will be slightly different.

USAJOBS page with Sign In button highlighted.