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Applicant Resources and Help

If applicants have problems logging in or creating a Login.gov account they should, review the online help at https://login.gov/help or email them at hello@login.gov.

If applicants need help from USAJOBS, they should contact the USAJOBS Help Desk at: https://www.usajobs.gov/Help/how-to/account/profile/#contact-us-form .

If applicants have questions about the content of the questionnaire or specific job related questions not covered in the job announcement, they should be directed to contact the agency that announced the job. Agency contact information is located near the bottom of the job announcement.

Applicants have two main resources for technical questions or issues applying.

  1. Online Help.
  2. Applicant Help Desk.

When possible, it is best to direct applicants to online help first. Remind them that all status and notifications can be found in their USAJOBS account. If they click the More Information link for a job they will see the below page that contains summary information about a job.

To access either online help or to submit a help ticket, click the ? Help Center button at the top of any system page. To view the entire online help content for applicants, you can also bookmark this page: https://help.usastaffing.gov/Apply/index.php?title=Applicant.

Application page. It shows that the applicant submitted 3 documents. It also contains the External Contact for the job.